Grandmaster Choi has been teaching students in Lake Charles since 1977. This site is meant to serve as a source of information for his students as well those who are interested in developing physical and mental discipline. Grandmaster Choi appreciates your interest in training, and is happy to pass on his knowledge and skills.



Our Grandmaster

Grandmaster John Jong Choi

John Jong Choi is a ninth degree Black Belt and certified Grandmaster. He was born in Korea, but is now a proud American. His training began at an early age and continues throughout a lifetime shaped and molded by Tae Kwon Do.

His interest and abilities led to his selection to the Special Forces in the Korean military. He gained further recognition by winning the Korean National Championship and was selected to be a part of the Korean national team.

When he immigrated to the United States, he had next to no knowledge of English. He overcame this barrier and earned his GED, AS in Computer Science, and BS and MS in Health and Human Performance.

He has gained international recognition as a Grandmaster and has refereed national and Olympic events as part of the U.S. Olympic committee. He served as president of the Louisiana Tae Kwon Do Association for many years, and as an instructor has produced many national qualifiers in competitions staged in Louisiana. He has taught students of all skill and ability throughout his career, from ages three and up. Over the past thirty years, over one thousand students of his students have acheived their Black Belt.



Head Instructor 


Master Edward Choi

Edward began his training when he was five years old and is currently a fourth degree Black Belt. While in school he won the Louisiana State Champion in Forms and Sparring. He earned his BS in Criminal Justice and MA in Education from McNeese State University. He works in law enforcement, and is a certified training instructor in defensive and baton tactics.




Main Instructors 


Master Joon-Young Hong - Instructor

Joon began his training at the Oh Do Kwan School when he was six years old and is currently a fourth degree Black Belt. He won the Junior National Championship at age 11. He expanded his training to include other martial arts forms, training in Kick Boxing for one and half years with Oriental Champion Master Jong Park, and serving in the Republic of Korea Marine Corps.





Matthew Butkus - Instructor

Matthew began studying martial arts in high school, studying a variety of hard and soft styles, and is currently a third degree Black Belt. He began studying Tae Kwon Do in 1996 in Vienna, Austria. After returning to the United States, he trained with Jhoon Rhee in Washington, D.C., and earned his Black Belt under Grandmaster Choi. Matthew earned his BS in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and BSLA in German with Philosophy from Georgetown University. He earned his MA in Philosophy and PhD in Health Care Ethics from Duquesne University. He currently teaches philosophy and applied ethics courses at McNeese State University.



Mario Robicheaux

Mario Robicheaux - Instructor

Mario began his training under the the direction of GM Choi at the age of 38. Currently a third degree Black Belt, he continues to work for the improvement of himself and others through Taekwondo. Mario earned his AS in IE Technology from Sowela Tech, and hold various other licenses. Mario is a 20 year veteran of the Stevedoring industry and is also serving his third term a VP of I.L.A. Local 1349. It's this work ethic that drives him in both learning and class instruction.


Assistant Instructors 


Nick Bellon

Nick Bellon - Assistant Instructor

Nick Bellon has studied a wide variety of martial arts, including Aikido, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and Taekwondo. He earned his 1st Degree Black Belt under Master Choi, and is currently a 2nd degree.  Nick assists with the Beginner, Intermediate, and Weapons Training classes.




Cherie Trahan - Assistant Instructor

Cherie Trahan began her training at the age of 37 along with her son. As a stay-at-home parent, she is involved in local volunteer work and has served on various boards and committees. She currently holds a seat on the school board at her son’s school. Cherie and her son have both earned their 2nd degree black belts under Master Choi.  Cherie assists with beginner, intermediate, & advanced classes, as well as women’s self defense demonstrations. She is also involved in children’s Taekwondo activities such as “Ninja Night” and Summer Camp. Cherie is a member of the competition team, and is the Assistant Captain of the Demonstration Team.




Brandon Cooper - Assistant Instructor

Brandon Cooper has been a student of Grandmaster Choi since 2008, and is a 3rd degree Black Belt. He has recently been accepted to Tulane University on a full scholarship and will start in fall of 2015.  He assists with Beginner, Intermediate, and Weapons Training classes.




Alex Morrison - Assistant Instructor

Alex Morrison is a 2nd degree Black Belt, assisting with the beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.  He has studied Tae Kwon Do for six years since the age of eleven. He is a member of the demonstration and competition teams.  He regularly participates in local and international tournaments. Alex is a student at Bell City High School.